Joining A National Hunt Racehorse Syndicate

Based in Belfast and with members throughout Ireland and the UK, Realta Horse Racing Club aim to be a leading horse racing syndicate offering members the opportunity to share-own a thoroughbred racehorse. Our goal is to bring a winning experience! As a member of a Realta syndicate you will join a community of like-minded individuals that share the same passion for horse racing and collectively we cheer our horses to the finishing line.

Realta horse racing syndicates offer ownership of well-bred racehorses in training with National Hunt trainer Stuart Crawford. Our Club is a member of the Association of Irish Racecourses and run our horses both sides of the Irish Sea. Realta give fellow horse racing enthusiasts the opportunity experience all the thrills and spills of watching their horse compete under National Hunt rules and bring you the all the fun and excitement of owning a thoroughbred horse at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.

We offer you the chance to see the progression of your horse from the training gallops to the parade ring, and from the starter’s flag right through to the exhilarating feeling of being part of the team behind your horse finishing first past the post and into the winner’s enclosure. Our Club is committed to making your experience as a racehorse shareowner enjoyable and rewarding and we believe that we can deliver everything a syndicate member requires. Realta believe true lovers of the game have dreamed of owning a race horse of their own and Realta aim to turn that dream into a reality! Imagine your horse jumping the last, willing it up that grueling hill, your horse battling to the finishing line to be first past the post… Make that vision come true and join us at Realta!

We make participation in the “Sport of Kings” fun and affordable. Joining our thoroughbred horse racing club is one of the most affordable and fun ways for shareowners to enjoy all the fun of being a full owner, but at a fraction of the cost. By spreading the costs of campaigning a race horse and relying on experienced equine professionals to select and manage their horses, people with no or limited equine experience can increase their chances of a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports around. If you love racing, why not buy shares in our racehorse syndicate and become a part of the exciting horse racing industry as an owner.

Realta understand why people get involved in syndicates – to be part of the whole horse racing experience To become a member of the syndicate there is a one-off Club registration of just £155. This covers the costs of getting you registered as part of the club. Our shareowners will be also registered with Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) and we will issue you a certificate of ownership for your share. A Standing Order of just £95 pcm for a 5% share, or £190 pcm for a 10% share will need to be organised for the monthly payments to keep your horse in training. The training fees, farrier bills, travel and veterinary care are covered as part of this cost! Once documents and first payments are received you will have your 5% or 10% share.

If interested in what we can offer we would look forward to hearing from you. To get involved you can visit our website: or call us directly on +44 (0) 7513793957.

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