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We hope that you join the rest of us here at Realta Horse Racing Club but just before you do get involved we have taken time to put together some Question & Answers to provide a clearer understanding of how we came into existence, what is involved in racehorse ownership and the associated risks. Realta offer unrivalled ownership benefits and advantages but we want to very clearly spell out that while we strive to achieve the highest standards in club membership, horse pedigree and sporting achievement there are some risks associated to National Hunt Racing, on and off the track…

Q: How did Realta Horse Racing Club come into existence?

A: We started Realta Horse Racing Club with an emphasis on doing things the right way and with a view to giving each shareowner a fantastic ownership experience. The Club’s management had been involved in other horse racing syndicates previously and felt more could be offered to club members so we founded Realta Horse Racing Club to offer affordable ownership with our own unique perspective: to give value within our membership, to provide transparency and to have quality horses in training who have a winning pedigree. We have a passion for all things horse racing and we are race goers who regularly attend tracks in every province of Ireland. We truly believe that we can offer everything a syndicate member wants from their horse racing club with a minimal amount of investment. Why watch and applaud those people in the winner’s enclosure and celebrate their success from the sidelines? We offer you the chance to have that same exhilarating feeling of watching your horse come first past the post.

Q: What do you receive when you decide to join Realta Horse Racing?

A: Once you decide to join us we will mail a copy of the club rules and information on how payments are made. Once you have returned the relevant paperwork required, paid your administration fee and first monthly payment you will receive a welcome pack which includes an enamel badge, photos, your certificate of ownership and a password to the member’s log-in area. As a member shareowners will also receive a text message when our horse is declared for a race, usually 5 days before the race is due to take place and a follow up telephone call to give you the inside track on how your horse is performing at home.

Q. How long do our shares last for and when you receive your prize money?

A. When you join with us you agree to a minimum of one National Hunt season. If you join mid season your payment will date to the start of the following month, through to the end of May. You will only be paid out your end of season winnings (should we accumulate prize monies) for the months you were active in the syndicate based on when you joined. All prize monies will be tallied and completed on the 1st May when the National Hunt season ends. All monies due are paid at the end of the month of May. Prize money is exempt from tax however the total prize money is not the full race winnings stated in the press. The Injured Jockey Fund and horse racing authorities take mandatory deductions. Declaration fees are deductible and our jockeys and trainer receive percentages of the winnings also.

Q. What happens if there is serious injury to the horse or in the worst possible case, a fatality?

A. Unfortunately the stark reality is that injury and sometimes fatalities are a risk involved in National Hunt racing and it is a possibility we do not hide from. As you would expect the animal is put through rigorous training throughout the National Hunt season and peaks before the horse is due to run in a race. Realta Horse Racing syndicate will issue you, the share holder, shares in a new horse with no additional costs or payments and will again be trained by Stuart Crawford at Newlands Farm.

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