Realta Horse Racing Club offer the opportunity for you to buy racehorse shares and enjoy racehorse ownership at a fraction of the cost of full ownership. We pride ourselves on excellent communication with our shareowners and endeavor to make everyone feel they are the sole owner of their horse. With Realta, racehorse ownership has never been easier – Imagine being able to say “I own a racehorse”. As a shareowner you are able to enjoy benefits of racehorse ownership.

Realta Horse Racing Club we are committed to delivering the following to you:
• A 10% share in a well bred racehorse
• Share in proportion to your stake of all prize monies won by your horse
• Free racecourse entry every time your horse runs
• Regularly updated website and Social Media with all the up-to-date information on your horse
• A dedicated racing manager offering a personal insight into training performance and race expectations
• Regular updates by telephone, text, email & through Social Media

We cannot guarantee a winner but we can ensure that every effort is made to provide you with one, with enormous fun along the way. Realta Horse Racing take great pride in saying we are dedicated to making Realta a huge success story.

Here at Realta Horse Racing we aim to make the “sport of kings” affordable to all. Our mission is to:
• To provide you with a cost effective opportunity to own a race horse at the highest level
• To offer owners an excellent level of service so they enjoy the whole experience of racehorse ownership
• To ensure every race horse reaches it full potential, whilst maintaining the highest standards of horse welfare
• To provide ethical racehorse ownership
• To make every owner feel they are the sole-owner of the racehorse

Realta understand why people get involved in syndicates – To be part of the whole horse racing experience. We offer 10% shares at a fraction of the cost of fully owning a racehorse outright. That said, only a percentage of the winnings will be yours to take home at the end of the National Hunt season – The percentage of your ownership!

To become a member of a syndicate there is a one-off payment of just €250. This covers the costs of getting you registered as part of the club. Our horse racing club shareowners will be also registered with Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) and we will issue you a certificate of ownership for your share.

A Standing Order for your 10% share of €250pcm will need to be organised for the monthly payments to keep our horse in training. The training fees, farrier bills, travel and veterinary care are covered as part of this cost! Once documents and first payments are received you will have your share and receive your Welcome Pack.

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